Friday, 19 August 2011

UK flat track practice, Hertfordshire CANCELLED

From Anthony Co-Built. Another practice at Rye House on Saturday August 27.
It's organised well for newcomers and complete novices (like those in the photos - you're all let out together). Bikeless novices should read Anthony's last line.

Mike who usually organises training at Rye house is not around at the end of August. So myself and Guy have stepped in to organise a days training on the excellent track at Rye House.
The Rye House Rockets have a speedway meeting in the afternoon so it's an early start and finish.
Riding will start at 10am and finish at 2pm. We need to be clear of the site by 3pm
Its £40 per rider Inc a medic and insurance.
If you want to ride you need to email me in advance with your licence number. If you dont have one we need to organise a day licence.
Please dont turn up on the day and expect to ride
If you don't have a bike but want to try email anyway!

usefultone @

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