Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Amsterdam Gold

When you're next in Amsterdam next, don't bother with the Anne Frank house, or the Red Light District, instead make a bee line for 'CITO' on the Ferdinandbol Straat - around the corner from the Heineken Museum. It's an Aladdin's cave of obscure Euro scooter & bicycle parts from the 1950s - 80s, all still in original sun faded packaging. It's run by an 88-year-old granny & her 69-year-old daughter. If they knew about Ebay, they'd be milionaires, but I doubt they even know what a computer is. You don't want to be going there via a coffee shop session, you're liable to get carried away. I went sober & came away with just a BMX number plate, an original AGV bubble visor (in blue) for my jet helmet (they had a stack of about 20) & Raleigh sweat-bands.
PS opening times are rather sporadic.

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