Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Hot Yamaha

From Ben Charlton in England

Hi Sideburn
Found these in my camera so thought I'd post 'em.
Bike still ongoing-a mate of mine is re-making the Champion seat unit and tank in aluminium (he makes CCM tanks and specials) as the glass tank probably won't MOT*. As soon as that's done I'll be done and will send more.
Had fun trying to locate parts as frame's such a bitsa-early DT250 modded frame, with YZ headstock, MX400 forks, clamps and rear wheel, hand spun exhaust and a Sun front wheel, genuine Champion glass, and a fully sorted MX400 engine with a 43mm Mikuni flatslide.
Bought it locally from a bloke that had imported it from the states, but had never ran it-he'd tried to flog it on ebay a couple of times and had no luck getting what it owed him-he was so fed up I almost stole it from him! Was still covered in grit and lockwired up with vinnie bones on all the exposed metal, so must have seen some action!
Looking forward to the next mag-when's it ready??

All the best, Ben

* SIDEBURN NOTE TO NON-BRITS. The MOT is the annual Government test of all vehicles for roadworthiness. A pain in the arse.

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