Sunday, 7 September 2008

Dirt Guzzi!

Been away working at the Tour of Britain cycle race (for, name drop, GQ Italy) and got back to find the most incredible photo waiting in the Sideburn inbox. UK dirt track demi-God, Peter Boast found this photo somewhere and sent it in. Ben and I (and illustrator Chris Watson and Sideburn 2 collaborator Mick Phillips) all own Guzzis, so this bike is some crazy synergy of our dirt and road loves. But talk about making it hard for yourself.

It looks like a 500 to us. But I don't know enough about these little models to know which one it's based on. The frame looks pretty much stock and it retains shaft-drive, obviously. I'm going to conduct a voodoo ceremony to try convince Ben to build one. Little Guzzis are worth buttons. It backs up that spiel about ride what you've got, build what you know and what you can get your hands on from a few days ago.

We think the rider is Randy Tefft of Keene, NH. We think he came third in a vintage class in New England, but don't know what he was up against. To say he is our new hero is a massive under-statement. We're going to track him down now.

Found any photos as good as this? Well of course you haven't, but if you have any other Sideblog worthy ones, send them to GI

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