Friday, 19 September 2008

Yann Debelle de Montby

Yann Debelle de Montby

Gary Rancho Cucamonga de Spalding

Bit off-topic (as the fellas at Church of Choppers say), but I (Gary) am a sucker for expensive British shoes and stuff. dunhill have been making great stuff for over 100 years. I was surfing around, dreaming of dunhill Headlamp cufflinks when I saw this waffle on a site relating to the classic British gentlemen's outfitters.. The fella in question, Yann D de M, is their creative director or something. It says...

‘Yann Debelle de Montby spends much of his time travelling the globe visiting Dunhill stores across the world, including Beijing, Tokyo, New York and across Europe, looking for inspiration for the brand while promoting it’s quintessentially English image. He recently returned from the Altai Mountains in Mongolia spending a week riding from Yurt to Yurt looking for exceptional cashmere and putting together a team of ‘Rare Wool Hunters’ in Mongolia. This led to the launch of a cashmere range, which arrived in the stores this Autumn.'

It is so ridiculous, I sent it to Sideburn Ben who came up with this.

Gary Rancho Cucamonga de Spalding spends much of his time traveling the A16, including the Peterborough bypass; sometimes further, even as far as London, visiting bike shops, old speedway ovals, looking for inspiration for the SIDEBURN brand while promoting it's quintessentially Red Neck heritage. He recently returned from the Happy Eater on the A151, where he found the days copy of The Sun newspaper in the toilets. This led to the launch of a chest warming range, which will end up in his own dustbin before he steps in doors.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tut tut mon braves, you do Monseur de Montby as diservice. Anyone the other side of the Le Channel knows that de Montby is short for de Montbicyclette & comes from a long line of intrepid racers of that finely fettled French motorcycle the VeloSolex.
As you will see from the photo, the poor man now walks with the aid of a brass knobbed stick, having damaged his own in a dreadful accident.
Whilst hurtling through a small, but perfectly formed village, throwing up a roostertail of onion peelings & baguette crumbs, he came across a cock, slowly crossing the road (we don`t know why). He desperately tried to draw its attention, but as he said later "de belle on de Montybicyclette did ne ring pas".
Thus he was forced into the ultimate humiliation of flogging dodgy Anglais merchandise for a living.



By Hand and By Brain said...

Effin briliant-I am with you Gary-I know we haven't met but I must say Dunhill does it right. the A-Centric Pentagraph has been on my radar for sometime. nothing like a swank chrono to clock bar to bar tavern to tavern time lapse.

Nice one I laughed hard...