Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Lots of people keep asking...

When is Sideburn 2 ready?
Well, it's finished, but it's being converted to files that the printer can deal with (because Ben works with zeroes and ones). We're waiting for our mate Kar to sort it. Then it goes to print. They take about 10 days. Then it's ready to ship. As soon as we get a delivery date from the printer we'll start taking orders and writing out envelopes.

Thanks for the interest. Keeps your eyes on the blog.


Unknown said...

Finally! ;)

Diplomate said...

I was just starting to worry about autumn/winter reading material, the prospect of emigration to warmer climes, dirttrack heaven perhaps - cancel all flights ! we can stay at home, light the fire enjoy a good read. Well done - just in time.