Sunday, 14 September 2008

More Guzzi

Ivan Thelin saw our blog piece on the Guzzi and pointed us to a forum that had more info (and photos) of the dirt track Guzzi from the horse's mouth. This is the builder's own words.

'I race in the "Vintage" class... motorcycles 1980 or older. My V50 is a 1978. The bike actually, goes pretty good and does sound great. I'm looking to put some smaller/shorter mufflers on, since I'm dragging that left side BUB in the dirt. As far as I know, the gearing it has... is it, but I'm having fun.
'I'm looking for a rear hub that I can lace up to a 19" rim, since that is the standard tire size for flat track racing. The bike came with the 18" mags. I put a 19" wheel/tire on the front and was able to locate an 18" tire for the rear. Nobody makes 18" flat track tires any more, so they're not easy to find. If anybody knows of a rear wheel/hub that will fit the V50 (not the 18" mag), I'll be looking to lace up a 19" wheel for it.
That's all for now. I'll be screaming up to the Maine MGNOC rally on Sept. 12th, then back down to Keene, NH to pick up my bike on Sat., so I can race Sat. night, then again on Sunday. I'm not sure which one is on Sat. or Sun. right now, but I'll be racing in Winchendon, Ma. on one of those days and in Lempster, NH on the other. I'm kind of liking this flat tracking thing. I've only done it twice so far!'


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