Friday, 5 September 2008

What did the Romans ever do for us?

They only gave us no excuse not to attend the Short Track rounds held at the BMF shows this year.
From Londinium just follow their straight road for 100 miles, a convienent stop off on the march to Hadrian's Wall was the East Of England showground.
Boadicea and her chums would set up camp for the night and spend a few hours perfecting their sideways slides while the Centurions grabbed 40 winks, going sideways even then was considered a wild past time and was subsequently banned by the Romans in their quest to force-feed us staight roads. The sport went underground in the UK for nigh on 2000 years . It's only thanks to the pioneers at Short Track UK and Sideburn that you can now throw away them front brakes and slip into a steelie slipshod stylie.
Wise words from our mate Scott Redmond.

The next Peterborough race is at the BMF Tail End show - Sept 20-21. The classic speedway chaps will be out too.

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