Thursday, 25 September 2008

Off the shelf Board Tracker

It was only a matter of time...

"We have a love for vintage racing Harley Davidson’s as well as riding our motorcycles on the roads, we have developed our products to combine both interests into a road going vintage style racer to allow you to experience the thrills of a 1915 board track racer with the convenience of a modern motor and braking.

"The Harley Davidson Evolution Sportster motor is an ideal power plant for our machines, being of unit construction and having plenty of power with endless tuning options, we chose the Sportster motor over it's larger capacity counterparts for all these reasons along with the fact of it's lengthy use in motor racing.

"The products we supply allow you to build a bike to any specification you wish. Our frames will house any Evolution Sportster motor between the years of 1986 and 2003, these motors being rigid mounted keep the bike looking clean and functional. You can build a tight ,fast reliable bike using an 883 motor and a one colour paint scheme and keep it at the lower end of the price scale or go full out with a brand new S&S power plant and create a lightweight tyre splitter from hell. If you prefer to ride more than build, why not let us build your bike for you at our workshops? we can supply a donor vehicle or crate motor and build you a Thomas- Harvey motorcycle using our own unique parts combined with the best after market components and provide the machine ready to ride. All our frames are built using laser cut components and are constructed in house by our coded welders and are fully TIG welded."

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Diplomate said...

The world is so driven by people's wants, wishes and desires- vast amounts of money being made in satisfying these trivialities - what of real NEED, essentials, staples of life, basic necessities. Here we have an enthusiast who has realised what we do need. It is staggering to think that so many of us have struggled and coped without - no more. Mssrs Thomas & Harvey may have solved the world's problems at a stroke.