Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tank: Made in England

Hey Gary-
Popped over to my mate Richard Marsh over in Lonburton, Dorset to see how he's getting on with my replacement tank and seat unit for my 70's Yam 'tracker. Here's the new alloy tank along with my original Champion glass unit, the beast of a machine (an English Wheel - GI) he hand rolls the pattern thru to get the shape before he tigs it up. There's also couple of CCM tanks ready for finishing. The stuff he does is awesome, and now he has a pattern for Champion tanks, so happy to pass on any orders....
I've dropped my bike off to have the seat unit measured up, so I'll post some pics when it's done.
Keep it real, Ben Charlton

Sideburn says: We spoke to Ben about how people could get orders to Richard Marsh and it seems like you have to roll your trouser leg up and do a funny handshake to even be considered by this semi-retired artisan. Best bet is to leave a comment on this post and wait for Ben's response.

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