Friday, 12 September 2008

Carr is coming to RACE in the UK!

Sorry about the shouty headline, but this is the biggest news in UK flat track since Roberts raced here in the Strongbow Challenge back in Iron Age.
The Legend Chris Carr is coming to England to race in the UK Short Track series. Not only is Carr a seven-times Grand National Champion, he’s also the fastest man EVER on two wheels, holding the outright motorcycle land speed record.
And he’s coming to race at Scunthorpe. It’s hard to believe. This is like David Beckham going to Outer Mongolia to play for a pub team. Make sure you’re at Scunthorpe to support British racing.

For non-racers (and racers, I guess) on Saturday 18th October,he will be running the Chris Carr Flat Track School at Scunthorpe Speedway Stadium,(£99 with your own bike or £199 with a CCM FT machine), contact Linsey at CCM FT Experience 01204 544940.

The race is on October 19th. Scunthorpe speedway. Amazing. My race entry is already in.



Austin said...

I'm in Wales the night before playing a gig but I will be there to see this - expect me to look like death!

Anthony Brown said...

That rules!! See you there


Count me in , right now !