Sunday, 7 September 2008

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1980 Yamaha xs flat track, " Kenny Roberts Replica"

Constructed by myself around 4 years ago, featured last year in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, the bike is a Kenny Roberts replica using all the following items, CHROME-MOLY FRAME NICKEL PLATED, Halco built 840cc motor, genuine flat track tank and seat unit supplied by GP Glass Works in Wyoming USA and painted by Paintwerx, Stainless Exhaust system with ceramic coated front pipes, billet front brake. This bike is a real head turner and goes as well as it looks, I have had the bike on a Day Time MOT for the last couple of years, No lights required other than a rear brake light for self preservation. The engine has been recently fitted with a set of new primary high ratio gears sourced from Australia, these are quite expensive and have taken me around 2 years to source. I have lots more photographs but unfortunately the high resolution means I can't upload to ebay. I can email the photo's on to genuine interested buyers. No tax or MOT on the bike at the moment as I have had a hectic year and that is one of the reasons I'm selling, a genuine reluctant sale. The drawbacks to building such an authentic bike are many, the sculptured fuel tank was designed to hold enough fuel for a 25 mile national race and needs frequent replenishment on the road, although I recon you can get around 40 miles riding steady, the seat looks good but only for half-an-hour and the engine vibration will give you an excellent white finger claim, but don't let that put you off, this bike is reserved for those dry sunny days when, at 343lbs dry weight it doesn't need superbike dollops of power or sewing machine revs to generate speed and power, It will bring a huge smile on your face and on the faces of onlookers, it handles like a dream and makes you want to drift it around every corner (if you dare).

Thanks for telling us about it Austin.

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