Saturday, 27 August 2011

Mark's BMW

Just a quick note and photo to introduce myself. This summer I completed my first custom build. This was a complete frame out make over based on a '82 R80 RT. With a limited budget I'm very proud of what l achieved. She goes and sounds as good as she looks.
Let me know what you think. Love the magazine.
Mark, Suffolk.

Lovely job Mark.


Anthony Brown said...

That looks real nice.

Is it me or is the front tyre on backwards?

Angostura Bitters said...

wow, nice bike. love those opposing twin bmws and what their imaginative owners do with 'em.

You you know how much i love what you're doing? hard to say. pretty fuckin' awesome. sb#8 showed up few weeks back. that mule guy is pretty much insane but he needs a cape to complete the look. if i make it big, he's my tuner!!!

thanks, ant

Mick P said...

Nice ne Mark, looks great. I've developed a bit of a thing about those air-head boxers. I'd be more than happy to be riding around on that matt-black flattie.

redlegsrides said...

Very nice looking Airhead....what kind of tires are those?


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JBB2 said...

That is nice; great job, Mark. Simple and beautiful.
Anthony, I've got similar tires on my XS650 (Shinko 705 models), and that is indeed the direction the front is supposed to go - the rear is opposite.