Monday, 22 September 2008

Harmonic Generator

Down the shed trying to write 1000-word article about Italian hot chocolate (don’t ask) and was listening to this old fave. Forgot how good it was.


Anonymous said...

Ah The Datsuns, I liked `em but my ears have never truly forgiven me.
Displacement activity blogging is the enemy of production.
I`m trying to design a Pizza restaurant in Leamington Spa, but keep looking at Chabott Engineering website, sigh.
I wonder what all the other sad Sideburners are doing ?


Diedre Greenshields said...

the 260Z in metalic brown is my favourite

Austin said...

good album but not a patch on the hellacopters. you should get yourself down to london on monday for the final uk hellacopters gig ever, it's gonna be amazing!