Sunday, 5 May 2013


Anybody know what ARMY is refering to on Mike Kidd's XR tank here? Was he a vet'? BP

UPDATE: I hadn't seen this post, but yes, as Dan said the US Army have sponsored lots of motorcycle sport. The National Guard (bottom) and, I think, the police too. It's used to drive recruitment, in the same way TV or magazine advertising is. G


Dan said...

Sponsorship. Didn't Spies have something similar?

"Then in 1979, Kidd secured perhaps the most unique sponsor in the history of motorcycle racing - the United States Army."

Stuman714 in Indy said...

Mike Kidd was the first AMA Grand National racer to bring in outside the industry sponsor in the way of the U.S. Army for his team in the late '70s, opening the door for more outside sponsors to enliven the series. It was an extremely big move in the day and is still considered one of the biggest advancements in outside sponsorship to the series. Kidd went on to win the AMA GNC in '81 and the become the founder/operator of AMA Arenacross, which he later sold and ran under their leadership to Clear Channel.