Monday, 13 May 2013

Sammy wins Stockton Half-Mile

After missing the first two races at Daytona after an off-season knee operation, Sideburn favourite Sammy Halbert, #7, had a hell of a comeback by winning the Stockton half-mile after a race-long battle with Brad Baker, #12, Halbert hadn't ridden a bike for months, before a quick spin around his garden, without a helmet, the day before setting off for California. 
It was the first GNC twins race of the year and the first time to get the big bikes out in a National race this year.
Another Sideburn fave, Johnny Lewis made the main on his brand new Latus Triumph Bonneville. He came 13 in the main, and was the second Triumph, behind Mikey Martin on the Bonneville Performance Triumph (the bike we featured in Sideburn 11).
Sammy Halbert and Jake Johnson in practice. Jake was on the Harley, not the Kawasaki twin the Zanotti team has been developing.
Brandon Robinson, 44 Kawasaki, showed his class after his debut win at Daytona by coming in sixth. Jeffrey Carver Jr, 23, recently stepped up from the Pro Single Class, came 9th.
Pro Singles action. The class is known for close racing, but Wyatt Mguire rode away from the field to win by 4.6secs over the length of the 16-lap race, from Shayna Texter (who we featured in Sideburn 5).
The fine details of Jake's XR750 are described by team owner Dave Zanotti in depth in Sideburn 11.
Kenny Coolbeth and Kayl Kolkman, 7th and 14th respectively
Bryan Smith, 42, was uncharacteristically outside the top ten, in 12th.
Nichole Cheza failed to make the main.
Jake Johnson rides the rear brake to keep the bike settled keeping the throttle open further than some of the other riders. Technique.
Number one plate this year? Sammy's traditional adversaries Jake Johnson and Jared Mees, came fourth and 16th... G

All photos: AMA Pro Racing.


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