Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bike Trailer: For Sale

We very rarely try and sell anything on this blog. Well, the magazine. And the T-shirts. And sweatshirts, sometimes. Oh, and books. And Motorcycho. But other than that, nothing. Ever.
But this could be good for someone.
This is the trailer I used for three seasons before I bought my van. I bought it brand new, and chose it because it splits down for easy storage. You can stick it in a shed or carry it through the house to the backyard.
It's a really clever design, that pivots down for easy loading. The front wheel locates into a chock, for one-person loading. A lick of paint wouldn't go amiss, but it's solid.
£190 including a brand new, never used, light/number plate board. Motorcycle and tiedowns not included.
Collection or I could get it to a DTRA race.
Email me at dirt at  G

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Motorcycho said...

that thing is awesome!!!!