Saturday, 4 May 2013

The French Connection

Our French cousins have gone crazy for Dirt Quake II. We're going to have to get a tape of La Marseillaise to play for the podium just in case.
Rodolphe and his mate are coming to race the Street Tracker/ Street Scrambler class on this tasty pair - a 1982 Honda XLR500 and a Yam TT600. These are just two of about ten bikes promised to come from over the Channel.

The entry link has gone out to all those who have had their bikes pre-approved. If you think you should have had a link but haven't then email us at dirt at

Use the same address to send a photo of your bike if you want to get pre-approval. G


Unknown said...

radical air filter in the yammy!!.

JamesJ said...

Y-aurait il des intéressés pour faire une journée flat track dans le sud-ouest de la France ? Ca exist deja peut etre?

Is anybody interested in or know of any flat track events in the south west of France?