Friday, 3 May 2013

Ornamental Conifer

We've had quite a long relationship with Nico aka Ornamental Conifer. We were introduced by mutual friend David Death Spray. Nico painted the Sideburn Royal Enfield, headlines for the magazine, the Sideburn van and also my Ruby Castel. So, if you're a long-term Sideburn follower you will have seen his name and work, but you might have never met him. This video introduces him well (but he sounds a bit quieter and more shy in this than when I've met him).
He's emigrating to Australia this month. Good luck to him and Steph. G

PS Anyone else notice they thanks the Crazy Frog, not The Great Frog?


rustyli150 said...

UK's loss and Oz's gain I'm a bit sad to say.

Dr-Ogo said...

A gent and a Viking

Dr-Ogo said...
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