Monday, 27 May 2013

Dirt Quake II News, Schedule and Special Guests

The entries are all complete for Dirt Quake and we've got some great bikes and some wild bikes entered, over 60 in total with riders from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the USA. This is a fun event to enter, but it's just as much fun to watch (without the chance of a Honda Cub Chopper trying to use you as traction).

We're looking for kids to enter a cycling dirt track race. One lap of the race track. 12s and under. Email us to enter. You bring your own bike and helmet.

No bike? No licence? No problem. Drink 4 pints of milk quicker than the competition and win prizes.
Enter on the day.

12.00           Turnstiles open
12.00-3.45   Dirt Track Riders Association heats
4.00             Dirt Quake Practice
5.00             Dirt Quake Riders Parade
5.15             Stunt Rider: Lee Bowers
5.30             Dirt Quake Heats Round 1
6.00             Kid’s Bicycle Race
6.10             Dirt Quake Heats Round 2
6.40             Milk Chug
6.50             Dirt Quake Heats Round 3
7.30             Dirt Track Riders Association Finals
8.15             Stunt Rider: Lee Bowers
8.30-9.00     Dirt Quake Finals
9.00-Late     Bar and DJs

David Borras, the deranged, but ever so smartly arranged, boss of El Solitario is racing his little Honda, Pop (at the top of this post). As you can see, he looks great in shorts, but he has to wear long trousers for Dirt Quake. We're expecting him to compete in one of his £400 denim suits (Buy yours on the day...)
Round the world tourer, Dakar casualty, former child actor, TV camera leach and good friend and supporter of Sideburn - Charley Boorman (above and below) is racing the new Zaeta DT.
Another special guest, from Portland Oregon, US of A, is Thor Drake of See See Motorcycles and The One Motorcycle Show. He'll be racing the Sideburn Enfield. Watch this video him and tell me you don't want to meet him.

For more details on the whole dirt track extravaganza, including the Old Empire pre-Quake party, go to the Dirt Quake minisite.  G

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