Saturday, 25 May 2013

FT Photos

Long-term friend and supporter of Sideburn, Tom Whiting has committed to shoot every round of the UK's Dirt Track Riders Association championship. The idea is to sell riders great shots of themselves, but he'll sell them to anyone. His rates are really reasonable and the shots he's getting are great, as you can see from these.
From top to Bottom: Paul Baleta on his homebuilt KTM; Ollie Brindley - super-fast junior, remember the name; Tim Neave, or issue 10 cover star, on Jon's Honda CR500 two-stroke framer; the senior juniors and our startline marshal, Krusty.
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User.One said...

The lad does take some cracking photos

Chris said...

nice work Tom

Unknown said...


Tomfoolery said...

Thank you, chaps!