Thursday, 30 May 2013

Dee Tee Arr Ay

The Dirt Track Riders Association [DTRA] from dael on Vimeo.

These guys will all be racing at Dirt Quake II too.
DTRA racing from 12.
Dirt Quake practice from 4.
Dirt Quake craziness: stunt riders, special guests, Tug O Bike, PIE! and more from 5pm. G

UPDATE: My ego won't allow me to post this video without telling eagle-eyed viewers that there are lots of heats spliced together, I don't ruin my great start as badly as it seems in this clip. G


dael said...

Sorry Gary - didn't realise I'd made you look bad in my edit! I'll make up for it next time. Thanks for the posting the link. Dael

Dan said...

Dee Tee Arr Ay - Barry Island's favourite Clint Eastwood impersonator?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Dan, best comment, ever. Bang Tidy. I LOL'd. Ta G

Dr-Ogo said...

..nor do I crash on turn one and then 2 laps later look like I'm leading the pack ( sadly )...