Friday, 17 May 2013

Greasy Kulture x Boneshaker Day

Fellow British-based independent moto magazine Greasy Kulture had a do at Boneshaker choppers HQ in the West Midlands, so we went along to support the cause.
Plenty of traditional style choppers - that's GKM's bag. Man in fez too.
This bike belongs to one of the guys behind the Eat Dust clothing brand. There are a lot of clothing companies starting up that are hanging their metaphorical hat on motorcycling, but I can't think of one of them that puts in the miles this guy does. He rode over from Belgium for this afternoon meeting, then went home the next day for work. He rides everywhere.
I don't profess to know a ton about the Harley scene, and I know a lot of followers of this blog are in the same boat, but I'll share the bit I learnt. This bike is modified in 'the club style'. The club doesn't refer to The Ivy or Bolton Wanderers, but the modern outlaw patch clubs. Straight bars, muted colours, uprated suspension, twin shocks, tuned engine, bikini fairings. It's a totally different kettle of fish to the traditionally-styled hardtails that filled the car park. These FXR and Dyna Harleys are supposed to be the best long mileage big twins (that aren't full dressers). There, you know as much as me.
I took this photo to show the hi-rise bar clamp, stock clocks and satnav. Again, very different to the predominant traditional choppers.
Anyway, Eat Dust know denim and know how to ride a long way.
Liked this Enfield bobber.
 Mr Greasy Kulture
 Modern Husqvarna-powered hardtail, what a crazy cocktail.
Al from the Skeleton Chop Shop with his Sporster he's converted to run a, I think, Shovelhead non-unit transmission. Don't ask why, ask how? In foreground, photographer Sam Christmas about to stuff his face.
Vincent for sale. Like my mum used to say, if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it.
Boneshaker's HQ is an old mill building, full of Harleys, Indian and wonder.
It wasn't all choppers and bobbers. Cristi, rode down from Manchester on his Paul Smart Replica. I thought he looked a stylish dude, so gave him a Sideburn sticker. 'Thanks,' he said, 'I'll have it but I've already got one.' I love it when some I think looks interesting already buys Sideburn. Well, I like it when anyone buys it. 
The West Midlands, not the West Coast. G


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