Tuesday, 14 May 2013

For Sale: The Co-Built Panther

Our mate Dael is selling his bike to start a new project. The bike is in London.

Completely custom Triumph Bonneville - featuring an endless amount of parts from master craftsmen of Co-Built fame; from wide alloy yokes to a 2-into-1 stainless steel and Inconel exhaust system. Airbox removed, carbs re-jetted and a hell of a lot of weight cut. 
Custom alloy wheels built by the Devon Rim Company, with new tubeless Pirelli Angel ST tyres. Adjustable Bitubo suspension front and rear. Any parts that weren't fabricated in England by Co-Built came from the German parts manufacturer LSL (adjustable levers, mirrors, bar-ends, sprocket cover, flat track bars). Too much to list here - the full details are on eBay. £8,500.


Dan said...


Nick said...

That's nice, and not a lot of money for that amount of work

Chris said...

lovely work