Sunday, 19 May 2013

Guzzi Goodness

Grant Ray worked for Confederate Motorcycles and launched Hell For Leather, a website that used to be a daily stop-off for me. He's since left HfL and the site's become more mainstream, uglier and changed its name to RideApart.
Despite the fact Grant once threatened me with legal action because I used the phrase 'hell for leather' in a motorcycle magazine, when he'd copyrighted it (no, me neither) I still really liked his work and finally got to meet him at The One Motorcycle Show in Portland. Strangely, we were wearing matching 50-year-old Swedish army coats.
Grant was tasked with organising a launch for the new Guzzi California in California. This is what he came up with - an art installation with characters from an imaginary TV show that have V-twins for heads. I love it and I really like the bike, if it wasn't so bloody expensive (over £14,000).

In other Guzzi news, I wrote a piece about the company for the Influx website. Go and have a look. I'm dead happy with it. G


bobx said...

rideapart web site sucks.

Unknown said...

Oh Gary, you sweetheart. Thor, the Deus fellas and I all agreed you were the best dancer at the One Show after party.


Great Guzzi article.