Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lee Bowers confirmed for Dirt Quake

Icon Motosports have come through again with a top stunt rider for Dirt Quake II.
In among the band, the milk chug*, the inappropriate bikes, the chopper speedway and all the other good stuff we have lined up, we will also have UK street bike freestyle star Lee Bowers performing on his custom-framed Kawasaki.

Remember when you could do bunny hops on your BMX? Perhaps you still can. Lee can do them on a sportsbike. And just watch what he does at 3:10 in the film. I had to watch it twice to make sure I'd seen what I thought I did.

For more info on the event go to the Dirt Quake II minisite.
Don't forget the OEM Dirt Quake Pre-Party too. G

* Milk chug - drink four pints of milk as quickly as possible. Winner gets a big bag of prizes. Email us for a free entry....


dael said...

Looks awesome. I'll be there for sure. Cheering on the brave

Dan said...

As a fan of motorcycles and informative graphic panels, I'm delighted to see them together at last.

OILY RAG said...

I hope i'm not racing him!