Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Co-Built: Rider Owned

The Co-Built family are firm friends of Sideburn and, I reckon, admired and liked by all who come across them. This film, made by Dael, is a great advert for them. Almost as good as the feature on them in Sideburn 9... The world's gone Co-Built mad.
They've also been instrumental in organising Rollerburn and helping make it the unforgettable event it's undoubtedly going to be. Come along and say hello to them (but don't expect the telephone voice, that's for the video only). G
NOTE: That's Dave Skooter Farm crashing in the opening seconds.


Dr-Ogo said...

Funny, modest, super on it and annoyingly cool, A & G burn bright...
Is that my frame on the jig in the background?

747 said...

OMG i know those dudes! RAD!

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Cool video!

Great guys, Co-built helping me well with the yokes&stuff for my next bike.


That's also a great advert for Flattrack racing in the UK - sure made me wanna start up the bike n pull on a steel shoe !
(and jump on a co-built !)
Like the bike spluttering out at the end too !
Nice one Guys !
Steve #59

Anonymous said...

Great film, and a novel way to park a bike dave!.