Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Making Shapes

Snaps from our Rollerburn pre-party at the Navigation in Nottingham. Small stage (well just a corner of the bar), but big noise and big shapes - Chris Watson busted out some Yoyogi Park moves.
Thanks to the bands: The High Class Joes, The Ricky C Quartet and El Toro. Plus DJs Johnny Alpha and Liz Lava Lounge (and Austin and Dave for organising). BP


Mick P said...

Great evening. The bands shared the Hi Class Joes' drum kit, so they are: El Toro (top); Ricky C Quartet (bottom left); Hi Class Joes (bottom right).

Austin said...

was glad to be of service! serious hangover on Sat tho, only started to feel human again just before we went on stage

chris watson said...

Great night, lost pint of how many counts I had