Wednesday, 30 November 2011

SWM and Fantic at EICMA

The SWM Silver Track prototype flat tracker. It had the Sideburn sticker on it before I arrived.
Footpegs. Beartrap for rubber sole. Rubber peg for steel shoe.
Teeny little engine. It's a 300cc Gas Gas two-stroke.
I'd never seen this before. A log of settings on the shock's piggyback.
Below: Riccardo, the Fantic and SWM designer.
Wonderful Caballero on the Fantic stand. I'd love a Euro bike of this era. Anyone got one going cheap.
These are three detail shots (above and below) of a modern Fantic factory-supported supermoto racer. Love the detail on that brake lever. The foam behind is to stop big stones falling in the gap between lever and pedal and fouling the lever.
I'd never seen this on a modern bike, an extra brace below the quite modest bottom yoke.
On the same bike. Check this out for a front end. Tubeless spoke rims, twin discs and calipers cast into the fork bottoms.


Anthony Brown said...

HI Richardo!

Anonymous said...

yum yum!.
i would lurrvvveee to have a thrap on that bike!!.

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