Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sam Christmas

I like photographers. If we had more room I'd definitely have a couple. Anyway, earlier this year I was paired up with the photographer Sam Christmas, who I'd never worked with, on an assignment at TT on a project. Sam had just passed his bike test a few weeks before and had bought a Triumph Speed Four. The week after he passed his test he rode to Cannes in the South of France for a party.
Sam shot Maxwell Paternoster's BSA for Sideburn 9 and is working on a project of photographing garages and other places people work on their bikes. Above is James in his bedroom. Below is Maxwell in his remote shed.
If you want to be involved in his private project contact Sam through his blog and convince him why you'd be a good model. G


CHVRCH said...

Great guy! Killer photos!

ElSolitarioMC said...

Killer Pics!!