Sunday, 6 November 2011

Mumbai Stroker

From Joshua, our mate in India.

HI Sideburn,
How are you guys doing? I'm sure the excitement to Rollerburn is at it's peak and every one of us who aren't going to be there will have to just drool at our computers and make do with the blog posts :(
I just thought I'd share some pics of one of my latest creations. It's an old two-stroke RD350 that I've built from scratch. a few billet bits that I hand crafted and a shiny paint job to make it drool. A lot of the inspiration for this motorcycle is thanks to Sideburn - the great pics and the awesome stories that push me to keep creating things. So thanks, and can't wait for Sideburn 9.
Wish you guys luck for Rollerburn. Have a fab time.

PS: you can see some more pic
s @ Bugged Shutter

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747 said...

i want a sound clip for those pics!