Thursday, 17 November 2011

Rollerburn Pre-party and stuff...

So, it's nearly here. Time for a last catch-up.

We start the set-up tomorrow, then over to Nottingham for the pre-party. We have three killer bands:
The High Class Joes from Bristol
Ricky C Quartet from London
El Toro from Liverpool

For FOUR quid! It's like 1983 or something. The Venue is The Navigation, 6 Wilford Street, Nottingham, NG2 1AA

Before the bands play there'll be food to buy, till 8, in the venue from Annie's Burger Shack. 40 different burgers, we're told. I reckon I'll only manage four or five.
First band is on at 9, bar is open till 1.
PLUS Sideburn's official DJ, Johnny Alpha. Man, it's worth £4 to hear just one of his records.

We've made a 16-page programme, £1 on the day. We think some SB completists might be clamouring for this.
Picked it up from his studio yesterday. It's incredible (apologies for crappy phone pics). The biggest thing he's ever painted and it's going on our ramp. I could hardly fit it in my van. It will be sold off for charity after the event (skateboard skids and all). If you want to bid, contact Conrad Leach (or email us). Expect to pay thousands, not hundreds. The charity is a young person's hospice.
Check out the rider's helmet. It's all in the detail!


Anders said...

Great painting!

Chester Belter said...

What a great number.
Well done Mr Leach.