Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sideburn Royal Enfield coming together

Stingray seat by Steve Adams.
Low mileage engine cleaned up nicely.
One-off Renthal sprocket from B&C Express.
Co-Built pipe. Modified engine plates.
Sideburn's Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 project is looking amazing. We trusted many of the the people who made a great job of Project FT and some new ones.

CJ Powder Coatings in Grimsby turned the frame, seat and other parts around in three days. Les, one of the owners there, is a sand racer and they're brilliant to deal with. Just send a part and they mask it up. Highly recommended for all you powder coating needs. They don't have a website, but click the link for their details.
Lowbrow Customs supplied the David Bird hardtail loops and Co-Built modified the frame to fit.
Our friend Jason did us a great deal on the Mikuni flatslide and A&A/PM rear brake assembly. Thanks Jason.
Co-Built made the exhaust. Just look at it.
Steve Adams covered the cutdown Enfield twin seat. It's an amazing job. Call him on 07958 990962, next time you need any kind of seat trimming.

The rest is down to Carl at CFM. We can't rate him highly enough. Need a project building or finishing? Go to him. He's quick, good and reasonably priced. He won't take the work in and then sit on it for months like a lot of people out there. He's worked on five different bikes of mine now and I don't want to go anywhere else. He's based near Sleaford.

The paint is nearly finished and the one-off brake discs are being made in Italy, right now. When the bike is finished it will be in Sideburn 10 and on the Royal Enfield stand for the eight day Motorcycle Live NEC show. If you're there check it out, but don't go on the first Saturday, because that's Rollerburn day. G


Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Cool! The engine look very nice and the Co-Built silencer too! Only hestitation are the sharp corners of the footrest plate in my book. Can't wait to see the paintwork! Cheers,

CFM said...

The footrest plates if you look closely have been made to follow the lines of the Enfield wings on both sides of the engine cases.
Obviously you are entitled to your own opinion but CFM think they are perfect for this project.

Paul said...

Lookin sweet!
Where did you get your spring/seat-pan/seat from?

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

OK, got it.
Those are big RE wings!

It was just a radius comment, nothing else.

Great work! Cheers,

Sideburn Magazine said...

The springs are from Wassell, I think. The seat pan is a cutdown Royal Enfield Bullet Classic seat pan. We got it directly from Royal Enfield. G

Nick said...

Single cylinder/ rigid tele's/ does it get any better

Chris Saddler Sam said...

keep us updated with pics

Chris Saddler Sam said...

and btw... i agree with marcus' first comment!
those plates would be fitting better on a show-bike!
not a flat-tracker!

i mean... the whole bike is so sweet and neat.. and those plates r like bling bling show-off!
(look at the exhaust, that i dont really like as the tube gets hidden on the back of that plate...ut ok... it's simple and efficient!)


no offence anyway..
de gustibus, non est desputandum!

cheers mates

PS: i met u guys (sideburn) @ the verona bike show this year!

c u there, this next year too??

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hey, this isn't Bike Exif. We love the bike and want different elements of everyone who was involved with it to come through the final build. How many race bikes have stingray skin seats. It's a one-off. It's built to be different, not like this or like that. G

Mark Rodan said...

Really nice work, great pics. Post some more?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Mark the bike is now complete:
read all about it in the next issue of Sideburn.

bob adibrata said...

What a bike! What is the spec for the fork you use?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Bob, the forks and triple clamps are from a Bimota YB6. You can read all about this bike in Sideburn 10.
It's on the cover



Chris Saddler Sam said...


my shot... in san sebastian!
(during wheels and waves 2012)

beautiful lil scooter!

Abert said...

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