Thursday, 24 November 2011


An email arrived yesterday. The subject was 'It's Wednesday'. All it said - 'Time to make the break'.
I replied, with 'Is this Spam'. Then this came in to explain it all.
'No, it's a pic of my wristband that I had to take off. I felt like a teenager that had been to Glastonbury who wanders around all summer and into next winter with their wristband on so it came off last night.' Grant

Another Grant got in touch, the photographer Grant Robinson with these shots, below, of the night. He wrote, simply, 'What a night. Thanks for organising it.' G


Sideburn Magazine said...

to 'other Grant'...
sorry Grant I am dim, I knew I recognized your face, but it wasnt until Gary posted this & I re-read your Spoke interview & the penny dropped.
Love your Steve Peat run rabbit run shoot.

Xenophya Design said...

Good to see a couple of the Xenophya minions taking in the inspiring artworks!