Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Slalom at Rollerburn - UPDATE

Slalom is the very essence of skateboarding... it is fluidity in motion...on the edge, no frills, a no nonsense race with a clear winner.
Slalom racing has become totally underground since the glory days of the late 70's...the black sheep of the family.
We have the best in Europe competing at Rollerburn, including Bruno (all the way from Brazil, via London, pictured) and the mighty Trawler. Can't wait to see them in action.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Dave, Joe and Wilky Skooter Farm have constructed a ramp (shown below with Joe stood on top for scale) to launch the slalom riders and racing rollergirls down. This ramp is going to be faced with a one-off painting by world famous artist Conrad Leach. That is so amazing I would barely believe it if I hadn't arranged to pick it up this week. We are borrowing an 18-wheeler to bring the ramp and the stage to Rollerburn. You are all coming, right? G
Here's a hilarious Weakest Link video of "diddy body" Trawler. BP


Mick P said...

Perfect for rolling down barrel-style by the end of the evening.

Mick P said...

... and can't wait to see Conrad's work, that's a real coup. One of many at Rollerburn, of course.

gareth said...

Im gonna have to stop checking the blog untill after Rollerburn, it is upsetting me to much when I see the sheer scale of awesomeness that is gonna be on display that I cant get to. Utterly GUTTED.

Trawler said...

Please dont big me up too much, hehe
!. I can never live up to the awesomeness that is ROLLERBURN.

Nick said...