Monday, 7 November 2011

Mablethorpe Mega-Post

We had a family day out at the beach a week ago. The UK sand race scene is based at Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast. The town, a tacky little pit that stinks of blocked arteries and despair, has next to eff-all going for it, except for the racing. But that's still more than a few places on that coast. Anyway...
Big Jim runs a Triumph 900 triple in an old Armstrong/Harley ex-Army frame (above). There are no noise regs on the beach.
This used to be the all-conquering Neil Tuxworth's bike. Now Les, who does our powder coating, races it.
Carl from CFM was racing his remodelled TDR250. He had a good day getting 2nds, 3rds and 4ths.

I'm not even sure you could get away with this outfit on Miami Beach, never mind Mablethorpe.
The track. It was actually a lot brighter than this. The last weekend of October and there was a fella on the beach in shorts and sandals and a T-shirt. And he didn't even look mental.
Short track hot shots Ben Baker (and Ben Wells) were out on the beach and racing like demons in the 450MX class.
CB500 racing in the road bike class (I think).
Big Kwak.
Another big Kwak.
Grasstrackers, the fastest things on the beach.
Benly racer. Rice puddings could rest easy.
Love the DIY number font.Is this why the season is so late in the year?
Tiki lid.
Specialist ambulance required. There were a lot of crashes at this meeting.
Pre-historic PB sticker.
It didn't take Columbo to work out this fella towed his race bike behind this...
Rover SD1 (with later model grille), not P6 as I first wrote. Colour coordinated.
The next race is on Sunday. G


Steve said...

nice legs..was she riding in the open class?
Its a Rover SD1 by the way..the P6 was the Rover Sting had in Lock,Stock and Two...think that was was the P6B..B for Buick.

Austin said...

are we gonna see any of these bikes at Rollerburn then?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Of course it's an SD1. What a dumbass.
Austin, nope, no sand race bikes in the hall. It's too crammed with other goodness. G

Austin said...

since they're raced in all weather on the beach, surely they'd be the ideal bikes to have outside where people come in????

Sideburn Magazine said...

Austin, if you'd like to organise a bunch, or if someone else wants to bring a few of the more eclectic bikes, then get in touch.

tom said...

your Mablethorpe post from a year and a half ago is what inspired my current bike, it looks like so much fun!

Hairy Larry said...

Speaking of about a sound clip of that Triumph?

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Loving that Benly