Wednesday, 23 November 2011

UPDATE: Craig at Corona

From Craig in California.

I found this photo a while back, it is myself & Mike Minnig at Corona on the short track. The interesting thing is you have / had a photo of Mike on your website for a long time (although I can't seem to find it now) it is the shot from behind of number 63 ( I'm pretty sure that was the number but it is the shot from behind). He is 9r in the attached photo as it was his rookie expert year, 63 was his National number.

UPDATE: More from Craig
I'm (182g)on my Yamaha 250. It was a Champion frame for a twin and the guy I bought it from put a single in. I was downright scary at Ascot, it was truly the "Huck a Buck flexi-flyer". Every time I raced at Ascot it would have several breaks in the frame and we would have to reweld it, the thing was it never broke the same place. I would get to Ascot and suddenly I couldn't ride, it did its best to destroy any confidence I had. It worked ok on cushion tracks, and I did have some success back east (when it didn't break while running in the points) but on anything tacky it was evil.
Basically it was a piece of crap, and after that I swore I would never race a used bike again. Once I started road-racing (on brand new bikes) I was back to running at the sharp end, no matter where I went.

Mike Minnig is on a Shell Thuett Yamaha 250, I was looking through an old Ascot program and I did find Mike's 2nd year pro number and it was national # 63. I knew that was him the first time I saw the photo on your website. He was always a couple of years ahead of me in the pro ranks but he race Corona quite a bit. I was always pretty good at Corona short track & TT, but the half mile was spooky at night, you went downhill into turn 3 and it was so dark, I could never see anything. During the day it was a different story, regardless I always liked Corona and I dug the idiosyncrasies of the half-mile.

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