Sunday, 27 November 2011

MZ and XS for sale

Our good friend Dave is selling this tidy MZ. It's in Lincoln.

For Sale......£700 for a beautiful piece of former Eastern Bloc history !!! Please
Enquire, for further info !!"
Elsewhere, this bike, that claims to be a former Roberts Shell Thuet XS, is up on UK eBay. Bidding starts at £7550. Thanks to Richard for the tip. G


Nick said...

Is that the XS that was at Rollerburn?

Sideburn Magazine said...

No, Nick, a different one. G

Chester Belter said...

I've no idea about the provenance of this xs, just saw it on eBay yesterday. The ebay blurb talks about the Bulmers race series. Down the road from me is the Greenford Motorcycle Museum and they've got one of the real triumph cider sliders that I'd give my front teeth to own. Oh yes. They might know whether KR raced a Yam in the series. Apparently there were a few tracks around London that have now well gone.

Chester Belter said...

Big apologies SB. Been doing some googl'in and this looks very much like the same bike that was asking £23k back in Jan 2009 talking about the Bulmers series etc etc.
Maybe they'd be up for some current short track.

Harley said...

£7750 and no reserve? Can't help wondering how much you'd have to pay for any other bike that KR had actually ridden in competition.

Joe said...

I think it's funny that Aldana and Roberts raced once over seas and I think I've seen 20 bikes that were verified that they were the bikes/motors/parts that were used.

In turn they raced countless races in the USA and it's almost impossible to find any of their stuff, Just sayin'????????

McQmoto said...

I recall reading how the magazine converted this bike to a street tracker and weeping. There is also a genuine monoshock bike over here which Kenny used in the series and another of the restored Triumphs in a Metisse frame was exhibited at the footman James show at the NREC a couple of weeks ago.