Saturday, 5 November 2011

Rollerburn Helmets

Film buffs will notice from our Drogo filmed Rollerburn trailers, that we haven't gone for period correct Riddell American football helmets with chin bars, ear holes and pointed studs across the forehead. Our Rollerball inspired motorcycle helmets were hand-made by Davida. We wanted something that could be worn after the party is over, rather than just being a 'novelty item'. We went for their Speedster 90 which is a very similar snug shape to the 60s Buco, but the same paintjob could be applied on any of their other models.
Alan Davenport, their usually invisible engineer / production manager / shadowy beaver, who has worked at Davida since 1981 has taken this project to heart, calling on his misspent youth '...emulating Rollerball, Death Race 2000 and Mad Max on the roads for real...' (quote un-quote). As well as the orange-red combo of the original 1975 film's hero Johnathan's Houston team, Davida have also painted up some in the style of Tokyo's yellow-black, Madrid's green-grey, and New York's blue with white stars. Come and check them out at their Rollerburn tradestand. BPwork in progress snaps at the Davida paintshop


FlatTel said...

Cool as there, will have to check them out at Rollerburn.

Oh and BTW the helmets in the film weren't Riddell US football helmets, but good old Stadium Project9 bike lids, with the US footy chinbars added, (and studs on the visor presses)


Mick P said...

Ha! Who'd a thunk it? My second ever helmet, nicked off my dad, was a Stadium Project 7 (though sadly without this bubble flip-up).

Cernicky said...

Like the Lid love!

k.flight said...

How much for the Houston orange?

Sideburn Magazine said...

contact Davida helmets via the link above