Monday, 20 May 2013

Out in Front

Just recovering from a great motorcycle weekend in England. Thanks to The Bike Shed crew for their Event (more on that when we get chance) and the Dirt Track Riders Association and all their volunteers for a super-smooth race meet at Rye House.
With nearly 30 riders in the Thunderbike class I didn't qualify for the 12-man A Final, but I was on the front row for the B, got the holeshot, led every lap and managed to break from the pack (see below).
I'd always rather qualify for the A with no chance of a podium, but it is nice to win a race every now and then. 
Thanks to Simon F for the photos. G


CFM said...

Well done mate,told you you'd win.

Nick said...

Nice one

Paul said...

A win is a win! Nice one Gary.

Guy #97 said...

Paul's right style too, as usual!