Thursday, 27 January 2011

Axminster Hot-Shoe

Invisible from the air with its grass covered roof, Hanger 88 on the edge of the old RAF Hullavington runway is hard to find in the pitch black of a winter's night. Easier to switch off your engine and listen out for the whine of under-powered Chinese mini-bikes and the screeching from the cheap - but very effective Cheng Shin tyres.
Last weekend my brother sold his BTS I was intending to ride, for £250. Ronald picked one up last night for £280 (the same one maybe?!) which was flying until we decided to venture out from the tiny central ring we set up, onto the much faster perimeter karting circuit and he slammed it into the barrier. Co Built kindy brought along some extra bikes so all 8 of us has plenty of track time. I managed to create an small oil slick after a less spectacular tumble. But what with the make-shift carpet-shoes it soon got mopped up after a few laps. Thanks for organizing it all Anthony.
Next time it would be great to have a few more riders and spend some time setting up a slightly bigger oval. Maybe even make a day of it and add it as a Short Track UK event. BP


Nick said...

Is that an ancient leather Vendramini mx/trials I spy, had mine for about 20 years! Brilliant

Anonymous said...

glad you had a good time, gutted bout not bein there!.
roll on spring!!!.

Sideburn Magazine said...

I Googled 'Vendramini' I came across not so ancient leather explicit nakedness.
No mine are just cheapo Korean made cardboard-leather MotoLine but they've survived years of punishment.

Anonymous said...

Hangar 88.
Americans keep planes in hangers, we keep them in hangars and hang clothes on hangers.
Spellcheckers don't know the difference.