Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Scarves nearly gone

Just been checking stock to take to the Verona Motor Expo and realised there are hardly any scarves left. If you want one, you better order soon. Limited edition. Nearly all gone. Never to be remade. You know the story. Get yours here.
This is Melody, whose other-half is Jeff Eklund - former flat tracker and one of the famous Eklund clan. She's happy hers finally made it over the Atlantic. Melody and Jeff are running a bike tuning and blueprinting firm in the California called 2J Racing.
It looks like someone had a bad day in those leathers on the wall. G


Mick P said...

Well, hello Melody.

Anonymous said...

Great scarf. Looks good. Well done Mel!!!

Melody said...

Cheers "a" and hello Mick p!
Sideburn thanks for the post! I hope all is going well!!
Everyone, buy Sideburn!! They are awesome!!!

Infographicmedia said...

Great scarf! It came by Royal mail! Nice and warm on my CB750 in Amsterdam : )