Friday, 7 January 2011

Once A Jolly Swagman

Shamelessly ripped from Black Country Biker (read the full story there), is the good news that the oldentimes classic flick Once A Jolly Swagman is to be released on DVD. BP


Anonymous said...

i prefer the american movie title, maniacs on wheels!!.
could almost smell the castrol, and chips cooked in lard!!.

Nick said...

Great B&W quality, sharp and good lighting on the close ups

BlackCountryBiker said...

Ere - go and find yer own posts!!! Only joking guys, thanks for the plug - I've had over 100 hits on Moto Freako from your link alone. Keep it sideways.

There's a great scene in the movie where a bored looking Dirk Bogarde is being shown how to ride a motorcycle by his army instructor -Dirk's charachter then jumps on the M21 BSA and starts to kick up a huge roost by broadsiding it all around the training ground - class!