Sunday, 16 January 2011

Kazahstani Hauler

If Borat is all you know about Kazakhstan, this'll be a lesson. Huge, oil and mineral wealthy place with a group of proud Kazakhstani companies who sponsor a top tour cycling team and this awesome hauler in the 2010 Dakar under the name of the capital city, Astana.
The bloke in the Alpinestars is just wondering if his bike's about to be mullered by 7000kgs of pale blue badness.
The real reason for posting this is not a geography lesson, but because I think those desert racing trucks are the finest things on four wheels. G
Photo by AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko found at the Boston Globe via Death Spray


geoff said...

I agree.
I love Dakar trucks.

Nick said...

yere, but have you seen my contact lenses?

RichM said...

agreed on the trucks, but all the equipment is pretty cool, normally i'm not one for overt branding but i really like the kaleidoscope of garish branding everywhere on the Dakar, especially in stark contrast to the barren places they go.

More great images here: