Saturday, 29 January 2011

UK Race Dates!

The UK flat track race dates are out and it's going to be an exciting year. The Short Track UK team have really pushed the game on this year finding big new events and venues to both keep it interesting for the racers and spread the word among the public.
The biggest change is the fact there will be two championships. One is the UK Grand National Title. This is open to all National number and R plate riders, but no raw novices. There will be two out of the three possible support classes at each of the six rounds. The support classes are Juniors (11-15), Thunderbikes and minibikes. Not sure yet which support classes are at which rounds.

The rounds are:

Rd 1 Oxford Speedway Stadium,.........Friday Evening May 6th...Confirmed (short track)
Rd 2 Moto GP, Silverstone (newtrack)....Saturday June 11th.....Confirmed (short track)
Rd 3 Amman Valley, South Wales (2 Days - Club on Sat)...Sunday June 26th...Confirmed (1/2mile)
Rd 4 Leicester (New Stadium).........Sunday 17th July.....TBC (short track)
Rd 5 Norfolk Arena, Kings Lynn................... Saturday Evening July 30th..confirmed (TT)
Rd 6 Rye House Speedway,Hoddesdon,Herts........Saturday Evening September 17th... Confirmed (short track)

The BMF is out, but we're supporting the MotoGP round!

The other Club championship is more low-key and will have a bunch more classes including one for novices, riders with less than six short track meeting's experience. Junior classes are split into Junior, Inter and Youth for 7-10, 11-15 and 15-17-year-olds respectively.
Novices will be racing Sideburn's Ben Part!
Dates are:

Rd 1 Sunday March 27th,Scunthorpe, Lincs
Rd 2 Sunday April 17th,Rye House Stadium, Herts
Rd 3 Sunday May 29th,tbc
Rd 4 Saturday June 25th,Amman Valley, South Wales
Rd 5 Sunday Sept 4th, Buxton, Derbyshire
Rd 6 Sunday Oct 9th, Scunthorpe, Lincs

Come on! For more info or any questions go to Shorth Track UK.


Anonymous said...

bring it on!!!.

Anthony Brown said...

Steve when I saw there was a comment on this post Iknew it was going to be you!

Bring it on indeed

Anonymous said...

i only wish i lived closer to chippenham m8, i wouldve bin there last wk!!.