Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Vegas Speedway Sales

Thanks to Mark for the tip-off. These are at the auction that is held in the same Vegas hotel and on the same days as the Gene Romero Indoor Flat Track, this coming weekend.
I've never seen a Crocker speedway bike. Look how the front sprocket is mounted, with the driveshaft coming out of the frame. And that pie-crust Avon Dirt Track.
I hope someone with the attitude of the Blast from the Past guys (who actually race bikes of this vintage) buy it, but I doubt it. Some rich collector who hasn't ridden a bike in 30 years will probably snaffle it and think he's doing the world a favour by saving it. G


dimitri said...

Hi Gary



there are more to be found. I love crocker too....

regards Dimitri

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Anonymous said...

watching the old boys on track at the bmf is one of my favourite highlights, along wi the wall o death and the shorttrack of course!!.

BlackCountryBiker said...

The Crocker was an awesome bike in the hands of Jack Milne, Cordy Milne and Miny Waln in the 1930s. Al Crocker only made about 45 of them, so they're ultra rare. I'd have the utmost respect for anyone who'd actually use one for its intended purpose - More about the history of Crocker speedway Bikes here http://blackcountrybiker.blogspot.com/2010/04/crocker-speedway-bikes-1931-34.html