Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Let's have a Field Day

Without doubt my new favourite blog. Field Day Japanese flat trackers. Get inspired. GI


fredbob said...

Once again you have left me a link to enjoy Gary. I have written a tribute to your great work on my own site. Sorry to use this as a note board, but I could not find a direct email address. Thanks for your tireless work.


BLip said...

4th shot down:

Rugby shirt
olde school MX visor
28 'ole ox blood DMs
atop a B33(?) Beeza with rigid bolt-on;
but then modern USD forks

what a Fruit & Nut job
so hip I'm in tears

Sideburn Magazine said...

Fredbob, Thanks for the kinds words, but the blog is only here to promote the mag. Go buy one, I'm sure you'll like it. All the links are down the side to lead to the goodness. G

Bubble Visor said...

funny stuff
wish we could have a field day over here without getting in to much trouble..

mp said...

Theyre doing some shit it would be great to do here. Ride anything around a track.and that b31/33 is mental. sort of a home bodged version of the duplex rigid one like.

Nick said...

Is the B31/33 in one of the duplex bolt up frames that were made for the semi unit early A7s and A10s, cant think it would be anything else except it would be a hell of a squeeze getting a pre unit in it, but hey ho it looks fun!!