Monday, 24 January 2011

'Fuzzybutt Reprasentin'

This is Norman McFuzzybutt on Theramin, in action with the Vicious Cycles. It has an amazing history that involves radio electronics, KGB-CIA saga, and psychedelic music. As a kid, Robert Moog built a Theramin kit following instructions in an amateur electronics enthusiasts magazine and went on to famously invent the synthesizer. No physical contact is made with the 'instrument'. Different tones are achieved according to how close your hands sweep past the ariel (on the left in the picture) - Norm please fill in the gaps. (The pink lines were added for artist effect). Oh and he's wearing our sold-out Sideburn Rollerball T. BP

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Mick P said...

The theramin was perhaps most famously used, in a pop/rock context, on the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations, should anyone be struggling to imagine its sound. I mean, hey, I know there will be people out there who've never heard Good Vibrations, maybe they've never heard of the Beach Boys, but then there are people who have never been to Walsall. You can't always account for these anomalies.