Friday, 21 January 2011

Garage bands on The Tube

Back in late 1983, the appearance of a FOURTH channel on British TV, the obliquely-named Channel 4, was quite an event. It soon became clear that they liked putting on music programmes and some time during 1984 they launched The Tube, which turned out to be a great showcase for loads of upcoming and already-famous bands.

Apart from the live sets, they'd have items on various stuff and this report from 1984 on UK garage bands is what got me into The Prisoners, among others (hence a link with that old mix tape I dug out the other day). Filmed at the Pindar of Wakefield in London's
King's Cross, it also features Thee Milkshakes, Tall Boys and The Sting-Rays, and Gary's got the 7in Four on Four EP that was released off the back of the programme. Great footage of Billy Childish with Thee Milkshakes, and keep an eye out for a young Tracey Emin. MP

PS: Coming to see us on the stand at Verona? Check the updated post for our whereabouts.


The 9/16ths said...

Brought back happy memories of friday nights at the Garage, downstairs at the Clarendon, followed by saturday nights upstairs at the Klub Foot to watch Demented are Go and The Guana Batz. The Prisoners laid down one of the most amazing sets I have ever seen to this day.

Harley said...

And the joy of hearing Jools Holland say the "F" word (OK, an "F" word), and then have to apologise for it!

fredbob said...

Every time I catch a reference to Garage Rock here at Sideburn, I post up some dirty tune for the Sideburn Crew.

Mick P said...

fredbob - I think you needed to leave us this link. Thanks - love the Sonics: