Thursday, 6 January 2011

Loveless HQ

My day job converged with Sideburn's blog universe when I went to Loveless HQ to meet Tim and Dave for Performance Bikes. PB are running a series of features on people's interesting garages or workshops.
The very next night this big-bore Sporty was torn down for a full rebuild. Check out the progress at Loveless Engineering.
And read about Loveless's garage wisdom and advice in this month's PB on sale now.
If you're in the UK and have a worthy garage you'd like featuring in PB, drop me an email, please.
Tim's beautiful MZ 250 racer. #51, the age he was when he did his very first motorcycle race. So, all you people who keep telling me you wish short track racing had started in the UK ten years ago, just man up and do it.
Cat got your tongue? Loveless Tim and me. He's a top fella: black belt in something, football fan, punk rocker, bike racer, dad, husband, dog walker and top bike fettler.


Domagoj Kuna said...

I just love that MZ racing scene of yours. There are some beautiful bikes over there.

Anonymous said...

they are the best toolbox stickers i have ever seen!!.
boys you have to do a fuck you, you fucking fucker sticker.
that fucking rocks!!!.

Griff said...

Have to say got a thing about MZ's myself.What about Shorttrack MZ's ? Dress them up like a hoard of Astro's,be like Huston all over again.
(Yes I know I'm mad)